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Green Host It: A Breath of Fresh Air - Environmental Responsibility in the Hosting Industry

(Austin, Texas) It’s a new day in web site hosting with the launch of Green Host It, the only end-to-end environmentally-responsible green web hosting company.

Green Host It employs wind turbines to power both its servers and its U.S.-based, 86,000 square foot facility, cold water cooling of servers and environmentally-responsible recycling of out-dated hardware,  loaded with toxic heavy metals that pollute our water supply.

Long-time, web hosting management, and founders of Green Host It, described the company’s principles during a recent industry-insider conference call. “We developed GHI on two core values: completely “green” technology and business operations, and the highest level of client care in the industry.”

Green Host It achieves these objectives employing carbon-neutral energy sourcing and out-reach client care that ensures access to the web for businesses and individuals who are part of the fast-growing Green Power movement.

“GHI has already generated a lot of interest from businesses and web masters who choose environmentally responsible hosting and want to make “green” part of their on-line corporate culture. We’ve seen tremendous pre-launch interest from all sectors of the economy,” a Green Host It spokesperson explained.

Virtually every aspect of business development is based on pro-active client care and a firm commitment to the environment today and in the future. The company’s headquarters, located in Austin, Texas, utilizes a variety of green technology to shrink the carbon footprint of web site owners.

Each year traditional energy generation sources pump tons of toxic residue into the atmosphere. “We begin by educating site owners on their power consumption, and provide alternatives that enhance the air we breathe and the corporate image site owners present to their clientele,” Green Host It’s CEO explained.

“We’re committed to improving the environment while reaching out to our clients to ensure they have the best on-line experience available. We’ve built our success on the success of our clients…[the two] are intertwined.”

Most web masters, site designers and businesses give little thought to the impact their sites have on energy consumption. Even tech-savvy web workers don’t think in terms of energy consumption and the negative impact their web hosting companies have on the environment. The focus of these men and women is on web success.

Green Host It provides all the tools required and desired to build, launch and grow a web-based business as part of its low-cost, tiered pricing, enabling anyone with a vision to make that vision a reality.

The company employs a client-centric approach to delivery of services. “24/7 tech support and a 100% uptime demonstrate GHI’s approach to client services. We want our clients to succeed and we provide the features and information to do that through a well-populated blog, newsletters, industry updates, free features and free services,” GHI’s President explains.

With the launch of Green Host It, the web hosting industry is trying to quickly play catch-up. However, the phenomenal growth of Green Host It in a matter of weeks clearly proves that the web community is ready to go green now.

Green Host It is in the right place at the right time to help its clients define the right corporate culture – a corporate culture based on principles of environmental protection and enterprise-grade customer service.

Green Host It is changing the web hosting industry one responsible client at a time.


Green Host It
3267 Bee Caves Rd., Suite 107 #285
Austin, Texas 78746-6700

Toll free - (888) 494-6393
Fax number: (888) 280-9487




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