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Green Host It continues its long history of commitment in identifying, recruitment, and retention of underrepresented minority personnel, women and forward-thinking individuals experienced in the IT industry.
When it comes to technical support, we believe email is faster and more efficient.  A paper trail helps our clients and staff review previous communications. Send us a question and you will get a response PDQ. If you would like to speak to a supervisor, submit a ticket with your phone number and details of your inquiry.

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Green Host It, Inc. is qualified to work at both the state and federal level in government contracting. Green Host It, Inc. is registered in Texas whose owner is a resident and citizen of the State of Texas and is State of Texas HUB certified. On a Federal level, Green Host It, Inc. is a Self-Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE), women-owned small businesses (WOSBs) and economically disadvantaged women owned small businesses (EDWOSBs). Green Host It, Inc. is 100% women-owned, economically disadvantaged, and disabled-owned business.
Green Host It Certifications

City of Austin Green Business Leader
Austin, Texas
Green Business Leader

The City of Austin – Office of Sustainability – awarded Green Host It the highest green business achievement, the Platinum Level “Green Business Leader”. Green Host It is part of the green business network. The green business network in Austin, Texas helps businesses combine their efforts to protect the environment and support our local community. Green Host It works with other businesses who share the common goals of encouraging sustainability, entrepreneurism, and support of the local community.

Green Host It Certifications

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Located in Austin, the Green Host It culture is brimming with energy, passion, and commitment and is paired with a casual working environment that offers flexibility, the freedom to be proactive, and camaraderie with other resources that share our enthusiasm. Green Host It founders have over 21 years experience in systems analysis, hosted applications, and management as well as over 17 years experience in the web hosting industry.  In 1998, Green Host It executives founded WebsiteSource.com and over the course of 10 years, built the company into a world-leader in the Internet hosting community.  Upon the sale of the company in 2008, the company served nearly sixty-thousand website owners worldwide.

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Choose Green Host It for quality, cost efficiency, experience, and green hosting that is environmentally responsible. Our company uses LiquidWeb data centers and they currently own 3 data centers in Michigan and 1 in Arizona. The Michigan and Arizona locations are positioned, strategically, in Disaster Neutral areas of the United States.

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