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Selling to your Existing Customers with Website Hosting Tools

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Sales through Existing Customers

Existing customers are a gold mine for businesses that should not be overlooked. Everyone is so busy running around trying to get new customers, that at many times, companies can overlook the sales potential within their existing client base. Existing clients are familiar with your company, they know your product or service and they know what to expect, therefore, it is easier to sell to an existing client. Plus, the cost of acquiring new customers is more expensive than existing customers. A small percentage of your customers are the majority of the business that is coming in so its important to focus on those customers.

Website Hosting to Increase Sales

Selling to an existing customer is a campaign that businesses should take seriously, and to that end, each and every company should have a website hosting account with a reputable firm so that they have access to the important online marketing tools.

Deciding how you want your website to progress can be a hard task. Analyze your primary interests and what really makes you tick before deciding which one to focus on. Pick a topic you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Creating a tangible goal will make it much easier to market your website. Most web hosting firms offer email lists, content management systems, shopping carts, and databases which can be used in order to not only attract more business but market to an existing client base.

Some online business owners mess up by having a confusing site. Professional website designers often use multimedia tools such as Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash as ways of tempting novice website owners. The smart website owners will not include fancy technology, as they know it will drive away visitors that do not want to bother with multimedia tools. A site should be able to function well, without needing all the fancy technology. So how does a small business owner achieve a professional website design without programming knowledge or experience? Content management systems are a real time saver are a must-have for the small business owner. Take advantage of WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, and Drupal hosting options. These tools are free with most web hosting accounts offered by leading hosts.

Marketing Online

As you begin your online marketing, you must also consider advertising. When you market your niche, you will see how much of a success it will create. This helps get business with customers who wouldn't otherwise have found your site. Social media should be a large part of your marketing online and can help mold your company's relationship management strategy with clients or potential clients. Relationship management through social media, is different than just a social media strategy, it is a relationship strategy. For example, when a company travels, they contact the customers in that city and host a dinner for those people. During the dinner, they do not pitch them. Instead they just talk to them and help them to network with the other people at the dinner. This is helpful for the attendees because they live in the same area, and it builds a loyal client base for the company. Goodwill grows and the company's brand prospers.

Mid-Sized Business or Small Businesses owners can generate new income opportunities. Use phrases like "limited edition" or "special edition" in your online adverting. People tend to covet items that are given some sort of uniqueness and this will allow them to purchase your times quickly.

Mobile marketing is something every business owner needs to consider using. You could, for instance, send out mobile alerts when you are having a special sale. It's a really good and new way to advertise online with your own Internet marketing campaign.

Tips for Marketing to your Existing Client Base:

R - relevant marketing.

How do you market in such a way that is relevant to existing customers? Research your typical customer and find out what is important to them. In order to sell to a certain group of people, you must know them first.

O - orchestrated customer experience.

Every touch point a customer has with you and your company, either online, your retail store, an advertisement, walking into your retail store -- every single piece is important—including when they use your product, taking it out of the box, recycling it. You don't want to leave it to chance you want to make sure you orchestrate all of these touch points so that it tells the message that you want.

C - customer focused culture.

Create a PR page which your business could use as a possible marketing strategy. Try to add fresh, unique content that will get published in newspapers and online magazines. This is a terrific way to establish your business' reputation in the community. The best website hosting providers offer WordPress for free, which makes it easy to blog and add fresh content to your website without calling a programmer.

K - killer customer service.

Most people think that with existing customers, customer service is what is most important. And although it is important, you still need to do the relevant marketing, the orchestrated customer experience and the customer focused culture to make it all come together. Not just customer service, but killer customer service. What is killer customer service? It's service that is so great that your customers want to shout about it in a positive way.

Reputation Management Online

It is important to research how people feel about your product or brand, specifically if you are promoting an online event or sale. See how often your online events and other promotions are shared, either on social networks or in related blogs and forums. Then add in their advice so that people feel like you're listening to them.

The kind of customer that can refer future business is larger than most companies recognize. They typically say that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your client base, but merely 5% of those customers become a true advocate of your business.

You should write action-oriented emails to your customers that encourage their follow up. Buying services, visiting web pages or subscribing to certain magazines are a few ways that your clients can be engaged. The important thing is to have an action you'd like them to take. Since you can track these actions, you will be able to see how effective your marketing efforts are.

How can businesses discover who their advocates are?

Most businesses do not recognize who their advocates are. Advocates can be people that are often writing on your Facebook page, or those that take the time to fill out your survey. People in the general public that are out there talking about your store or product. The customers that you as a business owner KNOW, recognize, and remember can be a company advocate.

Online Marketing through your Website

Don't throw in the towel if you experience a few bumps on the road. You might just be doing one or two things wrong that you could easily change. Make sure you are organized and have everything ready when you are trying to sell your products or services. Choose vendors and business partners that are reputable and have positive reputations online. This includes each and every vendor your company partners with, from your website hosting firm to your business card printing service. Remain dedicated and in time, your business will have a more established reputation from which to rely on. Success in any pursuit requires dedication and work and Internet marketing is no exception. That said, this work is what will make you successful in the end.

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