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By upgrading to the Cloud, you can achieve up to 10 times better performance than a highly advanced dedicated solution that, with most web hosts, costs hundreds of dollars more per month. With Green Host It, however, you get a discounted price due to our long-term arrangement with partners.  Cloud hosting avoids the single point of failure associated with grid hosting. Cloud computing is designed to act as one whole and its compound units to be automatically interchangeable. That is why  cloud hosting offers the highest level of data security in the hosting market. With our Cloud VPS Hosting, you can customize for the most popular applications like Joomla, WordPress and Magento.

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    For blogging stars with many posts and followers.

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Connect to the World with Social Media Apps

Social Media Apps

Hosting for Social Media

Offering a rock-solid network that can take the peaks in demand as you push out your messages; web hosting packages loaded with social media hosting resources.

Many business leaders recognize the value of social media. They understand that social media can help them to achieve their goal of increasing revenue, lowering cost and improving cash flow. But many executives, on the other hand, say that social media is a huge time vacuum and a drain on their employees’ resources – mainly because there is no clear concise roadmap as to how to get started with social media.  Until now...

Social Media Marketing

How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing

  1. Order Now.
  2. Login to your cPanel control panel.
  3. Navigate to the "Softaculous Apps Installer" section and click "Social Networking".

Why does your business need social networking tools?

Organizations are now adopting Social Media as a significant new way of improving customer engagement and intimacy, getting near real-time customer feedback on what your business is getting right, as well as your areas for improvement. GreenHostIt is here to help organizations get started with Social Media for their business. We offer video tutorials that will explain, step-by-step, how to launch a social media campaign.

GreenHostIt offers the tools your business needs in order to be successful on many of the popular social media networks. Whether you’re planning to roll-out a forum, a wiki or a blog, you'll need to host these on a platform that is reliable but that can take peaks in demand as you push out your messages.

The data center in Plano, Texas utilizes multi-homed connectivity with bandwidth from independent carriers for speed and reliability, so if you think your content could go viral, the 16 bandwidth carriers combined have the ability to ensure that you always have the capacity you need, and you never pay more than you need to.

Social Media Networking Apps Included:


Dolphin Social

Dolphin - The world's most advanced community software. Open-source, independent, downloadable, scalable, customizable, full-featured and easy to use.


Social JCow

JCow - A flexible Social Networking software written in PHP. It can help you to build a social network for your interests and passions.


Social Oxwall

Oxwall - An unbelievably flexible and easy to use PHP/MySQL community software platform. Oxwall is used for a wide range of projects starting from family sites and custom social networks to collaboration tools and enterprise community solutions.


Social Elgg

Elgg - A social networking app that empowers individuals, groups and institutions to create their own fully-featured social environment.


Social Beatz

Beatz - An online social networking community script that allows you to start your own favorite artist band website.


Social Etano

Etano - Can be used to start up a dating site, a social networking site, a classifieds site or any other type of site involving groups of people, companies, products.


Social People Pods

PeoplePods - A developer-friendly social software toolkit. Build applications where people meet, talk, share, read, work, publish and explore.

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