Ryan Luskin

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I have known the founder of GreenHostIt for 25 years. She developed the company because most web hosting companies use Data Centers that are coal fired. They produce inordinant amounts …

Green Host ItRyan Luskin

Kay Hammer

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Almost a year ago, when I started developing web sites, I chose to use Greenhostit because of their commitment to using renewable energy. However, if you asked me why I …

Green Host ItKay Hammer

Thomas Thurlow

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We transferred our site and all our domains to GreenHostIt.com web hosting. They have a lot of experience with law firms, which made the decision easy for us. The support …

Green Host ItThomas Thurlow

Rosalie Greenspan

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Thank you for helping someone who is very computer “stupid,” in setting up a wonderful, colorful website as you did. It is a blessing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Green Host ItRosalie Greenspan

Jim McKinley

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We had our site hosted by another company for about 15 years. Our options were limited – think what the internet was like 15 years ago. The price was high, …

Green Host ItJim McKinley

Teresa Blythe

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Moving my website to Greenhostit saved me a lot of money. But the best part was the tech support I got. Moving a domain involves quite a few detailed steps …

Green Host ItTeresa Blythe

Parker Chambliss

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GreenHostIt is a company that just cares. Whether it’s the customer that needs hosting or the environment that needs saving, GreenHostIt is there to provide. I love GreenHostIt’s quick and …

Green Host ItParker Chambliss

Tamara Field

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We love hosting our sites with Green Host It. The control panel is simple and easy to use, and the uptime has been excellent. We especially love that we are …

Green Host ItTamara Field

Michelle Zogas

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LTlov’s interest in GreenHostIt originated with the exciting idea of being “green” on the internet along with the novel idea of a green data center hosting our website. I now …

Green Host ItMichelle Zogas

Robyn Miller

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GreenHostIt.com has raised the bar in website hosting. Their attention to details in customer service, technical support literally evolved my small business to the thriving company I have today. It’s …

Green Host ItRobyn Miller