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By upgrading to the Cloud, you can achieve up to 10 times better performance than a highly advanced dedicated solution that, with most web hosts, costs hundreds of dollars more per month. With Green Host It, however, you get a discounted price due to our long-term arrangement with partners.  Cloud hosting avoids the single point of failure associated with grid hosting. Cloud computing is designed to act as one whole and its compound units to be automatically interchangeable. That is why  cloud hosting offers the highest level of data security in the hosting market. With our Cloud VPS Hosting, you can customize for the most popular applications like Joomla, WordPress and Magento.

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Market Your Small Business with Video

Market your small business with video

Growing your Small Business with Videos

Website Hosting Tips

Small business owners often struggle to compete in the advertising arena against their larger counter parts because small businesses have a smaller advertising budget. One way they can compete, is by creating viral videos that we see on YouTube and Vimeo and all over the web. Videos can be created on your own, with your own equipment such as an iPhone, cell phone camera, flip cam, or any other low-cost equipment solution. Viewers are not expecting a professionally-designed video with super-high quality. The are, instead, expecting something that will entertain them and touch them in some way. So video offers an excellent opportunity for small business owners to market their business without spending a fortune.

How do you get your videos to be watched?

Define your audience. Are you speaking to adults, teens, or youth? Once you define your audience, next you can define your message. Videos that stand out are either funny, inspirational, or touching. So you need to decide what type of story you are going to tell, then attach that to your business or whatever product or service that you are selling.

Try news jacking.

To get out ahead of the curve, try and get in on a big news event or story early on. Become a news item. Be a front-runner on the story and you have a higher chance of coming up on Google when people search for that topic. Then, you can be a news item that people want to share. By getting attached to a news item, small business owners can increase their chances of taking their videos viral.

Outline your story.

Write an outline and have your story organized before you start filming. Write out what you are going to tell. If you have your story organized, it is easier to pick up the camera and start recording. Ultimately, your video will be more efficient if you have an outline written before filming begins.

Include a call-to-action in your video.

Believe it or not, some videos will be entertaining or catchy but not include a call to action, so in that case, the video is just a funny or inspirational video and not a marketing opportunity. Include a call to action such as asking viewers to share your video, use a coupon, or click through to your store. Without a call to action, the purpose of the video can fall flat.

Ask viewers to share your video.

Ask your viewers to share your video and make it easy for viewers to share your video content. You do not want people to invest the time in watching your video only to click the "X" at the top of the screen and not remember to share your video with anyone. Even though people enjoy your video, if they do not share it, then your hard work can go down the drain. Include prompts at the end of video so people can share the video on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Hopefully your viewers will share your video with their friends and family.

A word of caution, however, is that many times people will share videos on a celebrity's Facebook wall, for example, or some other person that has a high following because of the large number of "eyeballs" watching that person's wall. It can be annoying to viewers to see posts or comments that are not on topic. Some people will post ads that are not relevant and it can back fire by angering fans. As a business owner, you are responsible for the location at which you share your videos, but you can not control where your video is posted next. You should share your video content with the proper audiences and be responsible with your own business to get your message out there.

All videos do not go viral. For every successful video, there are hundreds of thousands of failures. So keep trying. Keep your videos less than two minutes in length so that viewers do not lose interest. Start recording to market your business today.

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