Clean, Austin Energy

Clean, Austin Energy

Clean, Austin Energy

Austin, Texas and Green Companies

As the capital of Texas, Austin provides incomparable entry opportunities to high-power participants within the green energy industry. Austin is a community with a strong resolution to a clean environment, clean energy and a high quality of life. The city has emerged as a recognized leader of technology innovation and has the framework and aptitude to support the clean energy frontier. From preeminent manufacturing firms to services and start-ups, Austin, Texas is a strong location for the knowledge and growth of clean, green energy.

Partner with Green Host It

As many companies strive to gain access to green energy technologies, many have found that Austin is the right place to partner with other businesses who are already well established in the clean energy industry. GreenHostIt is powered by 100% green-energy and committed to providing a green alternative to other web hosting providers – one that is safe, fast, efficient and less taxing on the environment. GreenHostIt and Austin make the perfect combination for clean, green energy technologies in a rapidly growing renewable energy market.

City of Austin clean propane-powered trucks

The City of Austin utilizes clean burning propane-powered trucks.

We are committed to purchasing and generating renewable energy. We feel it’s vital to our economy and our environment to develop and implement clean energy. We look forward to the opportunity to purchase plug-in hybrids for our transportation needs. —Will Wynn, Mayor of Austin

Green Host It’s Corporate Headquarters

GreenHostIt chose Austin as its headquarters because Austin is emerging as the state, national and world leader in the energy industry. As the global-economy looks to the ensuing future beyond fossil fuels, Austin, Texas is committed to leading the way in clean, renewable energy technologies.  Sign up online and login to your account within minutes!  GreenHostIt offers instant account activation.  There is no time like the present to go green.

Green Host It, Inc. and Austin, Texas

Green Host It’s corporate headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, a prime location for the proliferation of green technologies.  Choose Green Host It for low prices, abundance of features, and green technology.  Build your business on the web and go green.

The Austin Chamber Clean Energy Council is an industry committee comprised of local clean energy industry representatives who advise and assist in the attraction and creation of jobs within the clean energy sector, and focus on growing the Austin metro clean energy economy through economic development, public policy, marketing, and strategic collaboration initiatives.

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