Easily create, customize, manage, and integrate a Facebook Fan Page

Easily create, customize, manage, and integrate a Facebook Fan Page

How to create a Facebook Fan Page

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With Facebook, you can setup a Fan Page for your business, customize the page name, integrate it into your website with a “Like” button, customize the look of your Fan Page, and manage multiple Fan Pages – all from within your own Facebook personal profile page.

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Use Facebook to Promote your Business and Build Your Corporate Brand

Almost everyone that uses the Internet uses it – Facebook. We use it to communicate with old friends, meet new friends, share pictures, and network with groups. But not everyone uses Facebook for their business. Why not? It’s free and Facebook is a great way to:

  • engage customers
  • build brand awareness
  • build traffic to the company website
  • acquire leads
  • build a new customer base

Businesses are looking to convert Facebook profile traffic into customers and by (1) creating a Facebook Fan Page and then (2) customizing your Facebook Fan Page, visitors will be more likely to become customers.

So let’s get started setting up a new Facebook Fan Page for your business.

What is the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page?

• Profiles represent individuals.
• A Facebook page represents a business or organization.

How to Create a Fan Page for your Business

First you need to already have a Facebook personal profile setup. Only then can you set up a business page.  To create a Fan Page for your business, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the following address by entering it in your browser’s address bar: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
At this time, it’s not possible to edit a Page category so be sure to choose the correct category so that you do not need to go through the hassle later to straighten out the common error of choosing the wrong category. If you would like to change the category, you will need to delete your current Page and create another one under the correct category.

Choices for Category for an Official Page
Create a Page for a:
• Local business
• Brand, product, or organization:
• Artist, band, or public figure

Create a Facebook Fan Page for Business #1

What will my new Facebook Fan page look like?

At first, your Facebook Fan page will look like everyone else’s page in Facebook. You will have the opportunity to add an image, provide some basic information, post status updates, promote this page on your website by adding a “Like” button and setup your mobile phone. Only admins for this page will have the ability to do this.

Create a Facebook Fan Page for Business #2

What is the first step in customizing my Facebook Fan page?

The first step to customize your Fan page is to setup an easy-to-remember URL or a “Vanity URL” for your page.

  1. At first, your new Facebook Fan page for your business will have the url of www.facebook.com/pages/blahblahblah. This address is not very easy to remember and does not do a lot for increasing brand awareness of your company. There is a solution to this and it’s called a “Vanity URL”.
  2. To create a vanity URL, you will first need 25 fans to “Like” your page. At that point, you can change the url to your own vanity url (or custom url) by going to http://www.facebook.com/username and changing it to http://www.facebook.com/YourCorporateBrand (replace “YourCorporateBrand” with the name of your company).

How do I Make the Address or URL of my Business Fan Page more User Friendly?

All Pages are eligible to claim usernames if they have more than 25 fans. So before you try and setup a vanity URL, contact friends and relatives and ask them to “Like” your Facebook Fan page.

  1. After you have 25 fans, go to your company page that you have already created 
and type in this url (do not click the link here) – http://www.facebook.com/username.
  2. This should give you options to set your company’s vanity URL, if available.
  3. Click “Set a Username”.
  4. If you are the admin for your page, you will see your page name displayed in the “Page Name” drop down menu. Choose the correct fan page, click on it and in the field “enter desired username”, enter the name you wish to use for your page.
  5. Once you have your desired name, click to confirm. CAUTION – once this is done you can not change it so be very careful that you have not misspelled or entered the wrong page. You can not change it.  If you make a mistake when entering your new name, you will need to delete the page and start over. So be very careful with this step!

Done! You have now setup a vanity URL for your business. You can use this page to communicate with customers or fans.

Integrate into your Face Book Fan Page into your Joomla website

Many companies are using Joomla to create their website. It is a clean, easy-to-use, content management system. To integrate your Facebook Fan page into your Joomla website, follow these steps.

  1. Add a “Like” box. Click the “Add a Like Box” icon on your new Business Facebook page.
  2. Click “Get Code” and copy the code.
  3. Next, open the Joomla Administrator for your site. Usually this is accessed by entering the following URL in your browser’s address bar: http://www.yourdomain.com/administrator/
  4. Navigate to the Module Manager.
  5. Click the “New” button.
  6. Select “Custom HTML”.
  7. Paste the code into the HTML box (make sure the editor is turned off).
  8. Give the module a name that is easy to remember such as “Facebook Like”.
  9. Next to “Show Title” radio button, click “No”.
  10. Select the Module Position where you want the widget to appear.
  11. Click Save.

Create a Facebook Fan Page for Business #3

How do I manage my Business Pages in Facebook?

You can have multiple fan pages in Facebook and as long as they were all created under your personal Facebook profile. Facebook allows admins to manage fan pages in the same location, which is a real time-saver.

  1. Login to your personal facebook profile.
  2. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, click “Account” and scroll down to “Manage Pages”.

What if I accidentally created two Business Pages in Facebook? How do I get rid of one?

You can set your Facebook Page to “unpublished” at any time. Setting your Facebook Page to “unpublished” will hide it from all users, including your supporters. Your Facebook Page will only be visible to the administrators of the Page while it is unpublished. Your Page will not be visible to users until you set it back to “published”.

  1. First, go to your Facebook profile and click “Account”.
  2. Next click “Manage Pages”.
  3. Next choose the page you wish to unpublish.
  4. Click “Manage Permissions” and then next to “Page Visibility”, check the box that says “Only admins can see this page”.

How do I permanently delete a Business page in Facebook?

For obvious reasons, we are hesitant to offer advise on how to delete a Business page in Facebook. But many people have asked us how to do this, so here goes…

  1. Login to your personal profile. You must be the administrator of the page in order to delete it.
  2. Click “Manage Permissions” then under “Delete Page”, click “Permanently Delete this Page”. Be VERY careful when doing this because it can NOT be un-done. For this reason, we recommend un-publishing a page, instead of permanently deleting it.

How do I begin to customize my Facebook Fan page? What software do I need?

To customize a Business page you will first need to install the Facebook Mark Up Language application (FBML).

  1. While logged into your Facebook account, search for FBML application.
  2. Install it on the page.  Next, create an image for that page.

Customize your Facebook Fan Page

Create a Facebook Fan Page for Business #4

  1. Create an image with width 520px and the appropriate height in Photoshop, Fireworks or the graphics editor of your choosing.
  2. Create a folder named FB on your server and upload the image into that folder.
  3. Next, navigate to your fan page by clicking “Account” and then “Manage Pages”.
  4. Click on “Edit Page” below the Fan Page’s Profile Image (on the top left-hand corner of your page).
  5. Click “Applications” and click “Go to Application” under “FBML”. This is where you can paste the code for the image that you created during Step 1, above.
  6. In FBML box, add the following code. <img src =”http://yourwebsite.com/FB/imagename.jpg”><br /> If you want to add link to the image just add the following code<br /> <a href=”http://yourwebsite.com”> src =”http://yourwebsite.com/FB/imagename.jpg”></a><br /> You can also use text after the image with some HTML tags like h1, h2,, etc as done in 1st Web designer Facebook fan page.</li> </ol> <p><strong>How do I make my new, customized Facebook Fan page the <em>default</em> landing tab for visitors?</strong></p> <ol> <li>To set your new page as default landing page you need to click on the “Edit Page” link located on the wall settings.
  7. In the “Default Landing Tab” drop-down menu, choose the name of the page you created using FBML. If you did not re-name the page, then it will appear as “FBML”.
  8. Click “Save changes”.

Your done! Your new Facebook Fan page for business is setup and ready to be posted to. By customizing it, you will set your business apart from other companies with Facebook pages and create brand awareness with your visitors.