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Shopping carts, inventory management, SSL, website design and development, ecommerce

What are shopping carts and how do they apply to your business website? For starters, this blog is based on websites, and ecommerce hosting, SEO and website hosting is an important, evolving business necessity. So we blog about that quite often. After all, a well-designed online shop on your website makes for sales. And sales are what many online stores strive for. Many website owners need marketing on a budget ideas. You asked and we delivered! We write about online marketing, analytics, visibility, social media and email marketing—particularly how it affects you, your business and your website. The shopping carts featured include: Prestashop hosting, osCommerce, ZenCart, and our favorite, WooCommerce. Build a Woocommerce eCommerce WordPress website and use WooCommerce with our WordPress hosting plans. Need help getting started? Follow the Wocommerce steps or Prestashop setup steps to easily setup products and categories integrated into your website. Have a lot of inventory to manage? Manage inventory with Prestashop and be sure to keep your products in an Excel spreadsheet so its easy to import into your shopping cart, if you ever decide to change. For those of you that love Amazon, you can follow these steps to sell products on Amazon, which also has its benefits such as a huge audience and instant visibility. Some successful shop owners choose to do both—host your own website for sales and create a page on Amazon's online mall. Amazon has fulfillment options and online order tracking which means they fill your orders and clients can easily track their shipment. Either way, Green Host It has you covered.