What is the Energy Corridor in Houston and How is it Green?

What is the Energy Corridor in Houston and How is it Green?

What is the Energy Corridor in Houston and how is it Green?

Houston, Texas has the distinct honor of being home to the largest energy producing corporations in the world. As such, the area in which this collection of energy giants reside has been tagged “The Energy Corridor”. This area is located in Houston along Interstate 10 from the Sam Houston Tollway to the Grand Parkway.

The Houston, Texas Energy Corridor

Some 75,000 people are employed in the Energy Corridor and energy mammoths such as Shell, Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips, BP America, Citgo Petroleum, and many more, have offices there.

How is the city of Houston Green?

The City of Houston is working to become a more greener city. The city government encourages businesses to be greener by reducing energy use, waste and water use. Part of the drive toward a greener city is to become environmentally sustainable and, in some cases, achieve third-party green building certification through the ENERGY STAR and LEED™ rating systems.

Green the Energy Corridor

Go Green Houston

CITGO is working toward a greener Energy Corridor in Houston by organizing teams and encouraging these teams to participate in the “Adopt-A-Block” event. During this event, teams will pick up trash in the Energy Corridor Houston along Eldridge Parkway spanning from Sandbridge Street to Briar Forest.

Making Houston a Model Environmental City

Houston Mayor Bill White and City Council held a “Go Green Houston” Recycling Program in order to motivate local business owners to go green and participate in the city governments vision of “Making Houston a Model Environmental City”. The city officials tout the plan as a way to promote an environmental plan and vision to increase recycling initiatives in the areas of participation. Tonnage for the neighborhoods that received curbside recycling services are commended and encouraged to maintain a cleaner city.

We applaud Houston’s efforts at becoming more green.