We’re Green All Over

Green Host It delivers green hosting services to its clients through the use of wind turbine, green energy power, water-cooled servers, Energy Star rated servers and responsible recycling of out-dated equipment. But we don’t stop there.

A Green Office

Green is a core value of Green Host It. We don’t just provide green hosting services, we practice what we preach – in the office, in the server room, in the delivery of services even in invoicing for hosting services rendered. Before we make any corporate decision, the first question we ask is: How do we make it “green?” How do business owners create a green office?

It’s part of our corporate culture. It saves us money which, in turn, saves you money. In fact, virtually everything about Green Host It is based on delivering green benefits to our clients and practicing environmentally sound principles in the way we function every day.

So, what can you do in addition to employing a web hosting service that employs green tech? How can you integrate “green” into your business life? Here are some suggestions to help you create a corporate culture that demonstrates to prospects that your business is a good corporate citizen.

These tips and suggestions will improve your business image, save you money on daily operating costs and, most importantly, help make our planet a better place to live and conduct business in the years and decades ahead. It’s not hard; in fact it’s easy to go green end-to-end.

Here’s how.

In The Office

1. Use washable coffee mugs, plates and eating utensils and skip the plastic or foam you currently use. You’ll add less to our landfills and you’ll save money on these office supplies.

2. Batteries, paper, glass, cans, electronics, cardboard and even ink cartridges are all recyclable. For things that can’t be recycled, employ re-useables instead of disposables. Before you toss it in a waste basket ask yourself if you can recycle it. Then do it.

3. Use recycled printer paper with at least 50% recycled paper. It actually costs less, uses fewer bleaching chemicals and is bio-degradable. Save money. Save the planet. That’s our philosophy at Green Host It.

4. Print on both sides of your recycled paper to get twice the use at half the cost. Starting to get the idea? You save money and lower costs of operation – savings you can pass on to your client base.

5. Use smaller fonts to fit more content on each page you print.

6. Preview all docs before printing to make sure your text is perfect. You won’t believe how much paper you’ll save each year. You’ll also save a tree or two in the process.

7. Turn off your screen saver. You don’t need one with today’s monitors. Think this is going a little too far? A screen saver uses 28% more energy than putting you computer in sleep mode. That’s energy savings that add up over the years.

8. Turn off your computer at the end of the day. Letting it run 24/7 is simply a waste of energy.

9. Avoid plastic, disposable bags. Use paper to line wastebaskets and skip the long-chain polymer molecules that make up plastic bags. Plastic will be around thousands of years from now. Paper degrades in months, taking up less space in our landfills.

10. Switch to compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) fixtures or LED lighting. CFLs use 25% less energy and provide a more soothing light source than incandescent bulbs. LEDs save even more.

11. Unplug battery chargers, cell phone chargers and other rechargers as soon as the device is fully charged. It’s a small thing that saves a lot of energy.

12. Buy office appliances that have the Energy Star symbol to be sure you’re getting the most use for the least juice.

13. Use rechargeable batteries.

Getting Around

1. Meeting with a new client? Save gasoline and pollute less by using VoIP technology to collaborate on-line. You also save traveling time, an extra added bonus.

2. Traveling by air? Take the most direct route and eliminate stop-overs and airline hubs.

3. Add hybrid cars to your fleet of vehicles. If you deliver products, plan efficient routes that cut down on fuel consumption. With a little planning, you can cut fuel costs by as much as 15% a year. Do the math. You save a bundle and you help save the planet. That’s what we do at Green Host It and we’ve got the proof that a little planning saves a lot of money – and a lot of power generation.

4. Make sure your company vehicles’ tires are properly inflated. We do. This boosts energy efficiency by 3.3% and saves adding 250 pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere per car. That’s green all over.

5. Carpool, ride a bike to work or take mass transit. This one is a no brainer.

Business Practices

1. Cyber commute. Allow employees to work from home to save on gas. (It’s also a real morale builder and, guaranteed, you’ll see productivity soar, cutting costs and delivering a higher quality of service to your client base.)

2. Institute a 4-day work week with rotating shifts so you have coverage every day while saving 20% on fuel costs. Studies show that most employees would prefer to work four 10-hour days than five 8-hour days.

3. Educate clients on best green practices. They’ll thank you.

4. Encourage employees to bring food from home rather than driving out to pick up lunch for the entire staff. You use less paper, use less gasoline and your staff will save a bundle on the cost of lunch. Use recyclable bags to carry your lunch with you.

5. Use washable towels in restrooms rather than disposable paper.

6. Place recycling containers around the office for bottles, cans and paper. Train employees to use these containers at the office and at home.

7. Keep staff meetings to a minimum. Most of the time these meetings waste time and energy because staff have to drive to attend. Instead, use on-line conferencing and collaboration services like Press8.com’s green VoIP PBX. You won’t believe the energy you’ll save, the time you save and the morale boost this one, simple green practice delivers.

8. Use manual tools to clean the office. Use a broom, a hand mop and a dust cloth instead of a vacuum cleaner and other tools that suck up energy like sponges.

9. Post energy saving tips all over the office. Most of us are new to green thinking. These posts (printed on the back of another document) serve as constant reminders of your company’s core value – a better, healthier environment.

10. Conduct an energy audit. Are your windows air-tight? Is the air-conditioning running 24/7? Get in an expert to help you lower your fuel bills.

11. Tune up your HVAC system annually. An inefficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is a secret energy thief so spend a few bucks on an annual tune-up. That goes for the furnace, as well.

12. Publicize your green corporate culture. A good idea spreads fast. It also positions your business as a responsible business entity interested in not only achieving business profitability but a company that cares about the environment.

When we sat down to create Green Host It we began with the obvious – renewable energy resources for our services, low-energy lighting and office practices that save energy and lower operating expenses.

And even though we’re the first “cradle-to-grave,” all-green web host, we still consult with experts on environmentally friendly approaches to business. For example, we’re looking into “smart door” technology – doors that close themselves to the elements and require less energy for maintenance of security.

Going green isn’t something you do once and forget about it. It’s a process in which you engage every day – a corporate culture that you build in to your business through research and training of staff.

Green Host It doesn’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk. Our office, our servers, our entire business model is based on delivering the highest quality of service (we have a 100% uptime that no host can beat) in the most energy efficient way.

So go green. Use a green web host if you don’t already. And cut your use of resources like gasoline, paper, plastic and other business products.

Go natural. Go green. And grow successful. There’s no doubt, this is the wave of the future of business and Green Host It rides the crest of that wave.

You can to. And we’ll be happy to show you how.