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Make Money with these Top 10 Tips from GreenHostIt

Make Money Online – Top 10 Tips

Make Money at Home

Finding the perfect way to make money at home is becoming one of the best ways to earn an extra income during a difficult economy. Andy why not? Many people have time to work on their online business and earn extra income. An Internet business is not as difficult as it may have been ten years ago.

Get Started

To get started, build an online business and earn extra money at home is the beginning to real freedom — real progress and real independence in this tough recession.

The basic cost of living has gone up in the past ten years. Items like food, housing, transportation, gas, and insurance costs to the average consumer continue to rise while unemployment at 9.8% during 2009 was higher than we have seen in the United States since before 1948. And the numbers have not improved very much during 2010. Unemployment held steady during the year in the high 9% range. In fact, as we begin the new year of 2011, unemployment in the 9 percent range has remained consistently high for twenty months. That is the longest high unemployment experienced in the United States since the great depression.

The Good News in the Economy

Economists, however, are predicting that this year will be a good year for the financial system in the United States. It is welcome news to hear that many leading financial advisers are predicting the economy will grow by 3-4% this year. This will be largest expansion of the financial system in several years. And the good news could not come soon enough. In fact, due to pay cuts, many people have had to adjust to a staggering twenty percent income reduction. Unfortunately, this is the new normal, and although the economy is predicted to improve in the coming years, unemployment is still high which means that employers are able to pay less for more work. Indeed, many employees have had to not only take pay cuts but also have had to deal with a reduction in benefits in order to keep their jobs. Less income is better, after all, then no income at all. But we must think “smarter” in order to make up for this loss in income.

Start a Business and Be Self-Reliant – Make Money at Home

The New York Times bestseller “Crush It” author Gary Vaynerchuk believes everyone should be in business for himself or herself, to an extent. In “Crush It”, Gary Vaynerchuk shows how anyone can build a career around what they are passionate about.

Protect Yourself in the Future

So how does a person protect himself or herself in the future? Besides the obvious that a reduction of debt and spending which can save a family from enslavement, making more money and generating more income is the obvious solution. But how? How can a person make money at home? How can a person make money online? This article will suggest ten tips for making money at home, online with little overhead and little start up capital.

While this article does not claim that we have personally tried all of these ways to make money or that we intend to, we have, however, done extensive research and found these ten tips on making money online to be among the most popular and widely used.

Tips for Making Money Online

There are many ways to make money online but how does an entrepreneur weed-out the options that are time consuming with little return?  This article may serve as a guide of making money tips that are popular.

1. Make money with a Web site business

Learning how to make money with a web site is not hard. It is not a job, but it is a business. And the best part is that after the web site is up and running and generating a great deal of traffic, it is passive income. The success of your new business depends on how much time you are willing to spend on it. There are a ton of online marketers that are willing to sell you e-books and online tutorials, but this is not even necessary.

The steps are easy and start as follows:

  • Get a domain name.
  • Choose a web hosting provider.
  • Install WordPress – some web hosting providers offer WordPress for free and it can be installed with just one click.
  • Start writing or populate your site with free content. Once a web site has a great deal of traffic, which is generated through quality, original content, it can lead to sources of revenue from any of the strategies listed below. How? With quality traffic to a web site, there are many opportunities that are available for selling services, products, referring visitors to affiliate sites, social media pages, or just about any ‘make money online’ technique. The key is Internet traffic that is generated through local search or with SEO, also referred to as search engine optimization.

2. Make money with Reseller hosting

There are few segments of the economy today that have shown continued growth during the recent recession but the movement toward alternative energy and green technologies has consistently expanded. What can executives, entrepreneurs and webmasters set in place so as to benefit from the growing “green” movement? Green web hosting

You will be amazed at how easy, inexpensive and profitable it is to start your very own green web hosting company. Green Host It offers green reseller web hosting plans that are low-cost and easy to use. Because the web host utilizes a green data center that is 50% more efficient than traditional data centers, you can feel confident that the service you are offering to your clients is not toxic to the environment. And the best part is, you get to keep 100% of all the money you collect from your clients.

3. Make money with web site design

This is just one example of how easy it is to get stated with a web site design business. I have a friend that was recently laid off. She is a single mother of two small children with a mortgage and a car payment. She panicked when she lost her job. I recommend to her that she design web sites for a living. Within one week she made $300 by designing a web site for the kennel where her dogs stay. The “doggie day spa” lady was so nice, she even paid my friend up front. My friend has continued ever since and is designing web sites using Adobe Publisher, with little computer experience. Most web hosting providers offer technical support, so even if a web designer is not experienced, the web hosting technical support staff is a good asset for helping to get a web site online.

4. Make money with Facebook

Many people are learning how to make money online with their Facebook account. Anyone can do this. Build a strong position with a particular focus and brand in minutes, and you can do well by experimenting with all the benefits that Facebook offers. Take time to build up a network of friends and make sure you become known for being an expert in your particular sphere of interest. is a good place to start. With Placement ads, active Internet users can sell ad placements on sponsored videos, fan links and tweets while retaining full control over your brand message.

5. Make money with VOIP Reseller programs

Internet phone systems are growing in popularity among businesses that want to save money on their high phone bills through the use of a phone system that requires little up-front cost. A hosted phone system allows companies to offer their employees the option of telecommuting, which makes these systems “green”. Fewer cars on the road is good for everyone, right? You can profit from this technology too. Many VOIP hosted phone system providers offer VOIP reseller programs. With these programs, you can resell SIP Termination, SIP Trunking, International DID numbers and other VoIP services. And the best part is that with some of these programs, the VOIP provider offers cutting edge tools and features so you can sell the private label voip service under your own brand name. Be sure to check with the provider, first, about any services you market to be sure that you meet their guidelines.

6. Make money with Google Adsense

With Google Adsense, Internet bloggers and web site owners can maximize revenue from their online content. Google Adsense costs nothing to get started and allows webmasters to display ads on their web site that are suited to a particular audience’s interests, earning from valid clicks or impressions. Although this can require writing skills, in some cases, content can be taken from free article distributors like or This is one of my favorites sources of revenue because it is referred to as “mail box” money. After you develop a large library of helpful articles and generate a following to a blog or web site, this revenue generator can be put on autopilot. One of my favorite examples of a marketer that makes a lot of money with this technique is, where they offer “skills to pay the bills”.

7. Make money with eBay

Even for those that do not have inventory to sell, there is money to be made on eBay. We should mention here that there are two main sources for stock – wholesalers and drop shippers. Both have their pros and cons; it just depends on which method you personally prefer.

Drop shippers hold all the stock, so entrepreneurs only actually pay for an item once they have received payment from their customer. Some drop shippers, however, require a fee in order to join. The difference between a drop shipper and a wholesaler is that wholesalers require their customers to buy the stock, and the money to buy it in advance. This comes with more risk since it is possible that some of the stock could not sell. For those that do not want to use either a drop shipper or a wholesaler, you can even sell the junk in your house or office that are of no use to you on Ebay and make some money.

8. Make money with Affiliate systems

Affiliate programs are a great way to make money by promoting the top-selling products of large companies. does not charge anything to sign up as an affiliate. There are two ways to get paid through affiliate marketing:

  • Get paid per sale
  • Get paid per lead


GreenHostIt is so sure that you will be successful as a web hosting affiliate, that we pay you $5 just for signing up.

9. Make money with ClickBank

With the free account at ClickBank, online marketers can start to offer their products to large audiences. ClickBank offers the products that online marketers can offer. ClickBank tracks the sales, calculates the affiliate commission and sends the check to members — on time. ClickBank has not been late on one affiliate payment in over ten years! In some cases, they offer up to 75% commission on certain products.

10. Make money with Freelancing

By offering your services through, you can offer your services to the large audience. Registration at Elance is free but you will need to pay a small portion of your earnings to Elance. They offer the audience, which is quite extensive, while their members offer the service.

Tips for Building your Web Site

How does it work? What does it take to setup a web site?

1) The first step is choosing the web hosting plan that you prefer.
2) Order online.
3) Within minutes you will receive your login information. From there, you can install WordPress and get started with your own web site.

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