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Marketing and SEO

Successful Marketing SEO

For starters, with successful marketing SEO, your website will get a lot of traffic from Google.  What is marketing? Marketing is a philosophy or a function.

Search Engine Optimization

Seems like SEO and content marketing are two interwoven strategies. What is SEO? Most of all, the focus of SEO is on attracting users by first appealing to search engines.  A keyword planner is where you can research the right keywords to target.  Also, one way to learn more is to read the Google Webmaster Guidelines .

Content Marketing

Furthermore, content marketing, appeals to readers. In the end, a healthy balance of SEO and content marketing is key to success.  Because organic traffic from Google is dependent on many factors, we offer Google analytics tips. In conclusion, as online marketers, we cannot just guess which factors will make a website rank well.  For this reason, we have dedicated an entire category of our blog to SEO Marketing.

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