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Environmentally speaking, wind energy offers substantial advantages over using fossil fuels to make electricity. Fossil fuels—coal, oil and natural gas—dirty our nation’s air, pollute our water sources, hurt plant and animal life, and create toxic wastes which lead to global warming. And using nuclear fuel poses serious safety risks.

Renewable energy resources such as wind power, on the other hand, provide immediate environmental benefits by avoiding the negative impacts and risks that fossil fuels and nuclear power can serve. Wind power generates much needed energy while conserving the environment for future generations.

Texas leads the way in Wind Power installation.

Wind has become the fastest growing renewable energy source worldwide, and has the greatest potential for fueling our energy needs. Texas leads the United States in installed wind capacity. Indeed, the growth of the wind industry in Texas has exceeded any other state in the U.S.

In addition to an abundance of commercial quality wind across the state of Texas and the expected build out of transmission infrastructure, Texas is considered a prime location for wind development projects.

Did you know that as of November 2010, the largest wind farm in the world is located in Roscoe Texas, followed by the second largest wind farm located in Nolan County, Texas? Texans are proud of the fact that our great state is leading the way in wind power generation as a renewable energy source.

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By most measures, Texas is the place to be for business and industry. Companies are moving to the Lone Star State because of its friendly business climate. Texas has claimed the highest place for the Top Business Climate and is considered the state to beat for job creation.

Texas business-climate benefits:

  • pro-business, entrepreneurial, right-to-work state
  • no state income tax
  • Texas is progressive and business-friendly with fewer regulations
  • work-force availability, existing facilities and good economics for labor and facilities
  • cooperation and flexibility of state and local officials

The business climate in Texas is proactive in growing the economy.

Where the jobs are

Texas’ job-creation record is impressive. In fact, the capital of Texas–Austin, is described by Forbes magazine as an “economic superstar, with job-creation records among the best in the nation.” Austin also holds the distinct honor of being named by Forbes as “one of the most geekiest cities in the nation”. Indeed, Austin placed 12th for percentage of workers with jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This gives many technical companies in the Central Texas region a distinct advantage–namely because the pool from which to obtain staff is among the foremost versed in the IT industry.

Currently Texas’ regulatory environment is favorable to wind power and other renewable energy sources. The state, like most in the nation, is faced with a power transmission challenge and is searching for ways to not only provide economically-viable domestic energy, but also to build out the transmission lines needed to move renewable energy from West Texas to the usage centers in the eastern part of the state.

Of course, even the most exhaustive research cannot fully predict the future. But one thing remains clear—Texas holds the distinction of having one of the fastest growing, most progressive economies in the United States. And here in Texas, wind power is plentiful.

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