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Basically, there are three reasons people put up a web site, all of them involve selling, or at least persuading:

  • to sell products (everything from stoves to pukka shell necklaces)
  • to sell services (accounting, medical, house painting – we DO something for you)
  • to sell a message: advocacy groups, not-for-profits, political candidates – all trying to sell you on their “message” to vote, donate, support, volunteer or contribute in some other way – even by spreading the message by word of mouth. Texas entrepreneurs are honing in on web hosting Austin style.

So question number one: Why are you building a web site? Everything else develops based on your answer to this simply complex question – and it is both simple and complex so give it some thought.

Question number two: Who are you going to choose as your online-partner—your web hosting provider? Before you shell out any dough on a web host, before you start your keyword analysis, or you start designing your web site, do some research to determine just what you are getting yourself in to. Look closely at your web hosting provider, their experience, their corporate culture, and their location. Which city, for example, does your web host call home?

An Economic Superstar

Austin, Texas is described by Forbes magazine as an “economic superstar, with job-creation records among the best in the nation.” Austin also holds the distinct honor of being named by Forbes as “one of the most geekiest cities in the nation”. In fact, Austin placed 12th for percentage of workers with jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This gives many technical companies in the Central Texas region a distinct advantage–namely because the pool from which to obtain staff is among the foremost versed in the IT industry.

A Green City

Of course, even the most exhaustive research cannot fully predict the future. But one thing holds clear—Austin not only is fortunate enough to have a vast resource of capable and experienced brains in the IT industry, but Austin is coupled with the distinction of being among the greenest cities in the entire world. Austin is a city taking a multi-pronged approach to reducing energy use in all sectors of trade and governance, making web host, Green Host It, feel right at home.

Austin-the Capital of Texas

The thriving, vibrant capital of the great state of Texas is Austin. As such, Austin is often referred to as the “hub”or center of Texas. Austin is a young city – over 71% of the population is under 45 – and is known to be a burgeoning hub of technology and home to the University of Texas.

The Austin Chamber Clean Energy Council is an industry committee comprised of local clean energy industry representatives who advise and assist in the attraction and creation of jobs within the clean energy sector, and focus on growing the Austin metro clean energy economy through economic development, public policy, marketing, and strategic collaboration initiatives.

Web Hosting Austin

Choose wind-power. Choose Texas. Choose GreenHostIt.

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