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Web hosting Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas is the fourth largest city in the United States and has a strong concentration of successful corporations both in and outside the downtown area. We recently undertook a study to determine which types of businesses are most prevalent in Houston and, interestingly, the successful companies have a lot in common. Here is a list of the different types of businesses that are growing exponentially in the Houston area:

  1. Attorneys – Law Firms in the Houston area are clustered near the downtown region. Perhaps this is because the downtown area is the closest to the Harris Country and the Federal Courthouse. Law Firms have a strong presence in Houston and many legal firms are branching out and growing their business on the Internet. LeagalZoom is one example of a legal community that is marketing and selling their services via the Internet.
  2. Energy Corporations are quite plentiful in the Houston area, but are more concentrated in west Houston which is home to the Houston Energy Corridor. Again, these corporations are marketing their products and services on the web.
  3. We mustn’t forget to mention one of the largest industries in the Houston area—the medical health care industry. Houston has the distinct honor of being home to the largest medical center in the United States, the Texas Medical Center. The Texas Medical Center is home to over fifty medicine-related institutions and has the largest concentration of medical research institutions in the United States. Most major medical institutions have an Internet presence.
  4. NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where the Mission Control Center is located, is located in the southern part of Houston. And, of course, most Americans are aware of the Nasa.gov website.
  5. Many cultural institutions and exhibits, which attract more than 7 million visitors a year to the Houston Museum District in central Houston. Several of them showcase their exhibits online in order to attract attention and bring visitors into their centers.

Houston area companies and Web Hosting providers

As it the case with any new business, establishing and maintaining a successful Internet presence is a necessity in order to not only launch a new business, but grow it. There are two main sources of web hosting for business owners. The main source is from data centers. With a Tier-1 data center provider, business owners can rent a dedicated server to establish their company website. Larger corporations, on the other hand, usually have their own in-house data center and on-staff IT groups to design and maintain the data center and equipment. Maintaining an in-house data center can grow into a daunting responsibility. But there are alternatives to both dedicated hosting and in-house data centers. Web hosting firms that provide shared hosting, for instance, offer business owners an affordable option. This is helpful for businesses who are not yet ready for the large investment that a dedicated server rental or an in-house data center requires.

Shared hosting for a business website can cost as little as a few dollars a month. They want you to succeed, and the majority of popular web hosting firms have the track record and experience to offer technical support and rock-solid uptime so your website visitors will come to expect availability of your web presence as a source of information about your company, a storefront, or just links to other vendors. The point is…. with a dependable web host, your website will be available 24/7 to your potential clients and vendors.

Finding a web host

Finding a web host can be a challenge. There are literally thousands to choose from on the Internet. To find a private web hosting firm, you might consider hiring someone that is experienced and familiar with the Internet, or you can choose a host that has experience and a solid presence in Texas. Start with a website hosting account that is small. Don’t rush into the sign up process before you have researched your choice. Before you do anything – before you develop a business model, a revenue model, a purpose for your company, before you establish your brand’s core values and develop a tag line for the company, think long and hard about the best website for your new business enterprise.

A long history in Houston, Texas

GreenHostIt has a long history in the Houston area. The founder established a Houston web hosting firm in the early years of the Internet. The first web hosting company—Website Source—was founded in 1997 in the living room of a home in West University. The company grew fast and became successful. It’s first core group of success stories was among the medical community. Physicians and medical firms were the first to sign up on this company’s servers. The company soon grew to include professionals in the legal community. In 2001, the company out-grew its Houston location and moved to Austin where it prospered until its sale to a Canadian firm in 2008. Two years later, the founder launched a second web hosting firm, but this one is different. This firm also offers an extensive list of web-based tools, 24/7 technical support, and servers housed in a best-in-class data center in Dallas with 16 Tier-1 bandwidth providers, however, this firm’s core focus is environmentally friendly hosting. Interesting… right?

Why go green with a web host? Who care’s anyway?

You may be asking yourself…. why would I look for a Houston web hosting company that is green? After all, all I need is a web host that has a strong Texas presence and a long history in the Houston area. Why would I care if that host is environmentally friendly? The answer is simple. Because your customers care.

The Internet community has seen a major shift within the last few years. Environmentally friendly data centers are in the planning stages in areas scattered around the United States. But at this point, there are few in existence. Traditional data centers are playing catch up, while green data centers are experiencing strong growth. Data centers need to be more environmentally friendly, not only because it is the right thing to do for the environment and for future generations, but also because it is beneficial for their bottom line. A data center that uses less electricity has less overhead. It is plain and simple. By saving money on electricity—which one can argue is the single largest expense that data centers incur—a data center can be more competitive. It can spend more on IT staff (the really smart ones) and providers to supply their customers’ bandwidth (Tier-1 bandwidth providers; the more the better).

Every business needs an eco-strategy.

Business owners are moving toward environmentally friendly strategies in droves. It is no real surprise that small businesses owners are implementing eco-strategies into their corporate culture. Being innovative is part of their entrepreneurial nature. Indeed, being innovative is bred into the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation often results in the production of environmentally friendly products and services, not only because it is good for the environment but also because it is good for the company’s corporate culture.

Houston—Among the Best Cities for Business

Forbes magazine ranked Houston among the top 20 cities in the United States for business and careers. Houston’s economy has a diverse base in several sectors. Only New York City is home to more big public companies than Houston. The city is also home of the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest concentration of health care and research institutions, and NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where the Mission Control Center is located. The Port of Houston ranks first in the United States in international waterborne tonnage handled and second in total cargo tonnage handled. Houston has many cultural institutions and exhibits, which attract more than 7 million visitors a year to the Houston Museum District.

Texas-Sized Growth

Houston corporations are among some of the most stable and fastest growing in the country. Indeed, Houston business owners have enjoyed continuously outperforming results since January 2012, showing steady growth.

Houston web hosting, green building, and wind energy are home in Texas. You will be, too.

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