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Everything About Website Hosting

A lot of people run their websites by paying a web host for server space. The web host handles the management of servers, while you handle the operation of your website. What is web hosting?  In a nutshell, that is what website hosting is. So, you want to compare web hosting beforehand, because moving a website can be a hassle, if not done properly.  So choose the best web hosting.  Choose wisely.

What is website hosting?

For starters, this site is based on web hosting, website maintenance, and WordPress hosting.  Maintenance is a big topic on our blog because updating a site is a constant process. So, we blog about it quite often.

After all, a good web host is one that is constantly learning how to better provide for the sites hosted on the web hosts' platform. Web security is a really big issue that is never-ending. On this blog, the website extras we write about are ones that we are passionate about.  Cloud computing and clouds for business are offering the opportunity to reduce IT costs.  You might wonder what is cloud?

This is exactly why we like to document and share the newest online tools of the trade. We write about website migration, our favorite and most necessary plugins, and reseller web hosting pros and cons. Our goal is to be transparent and provide the best hosting and the most powerful hosting services at the most economical price.  Business ethics are a critical factor to consider when choosing an online partner.

Built with your business in mind, these hosting articles and blog entries are loaded with value. Perfect for small business, non-profits and personal website projects.

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