What makes a hosting company green?

There aren’t a lot of green hosting services out there. A few. But a lot of companies that call themselves green are”green” in name only. These so-called “green” companies often buy energy credits from other companies. Energy credits are like currency. They’re issued by the government and each company is assigned a certain number of green credits. So far so good.

However, many company’s maintain a low carbon footprint. They don’t need all of the credits they receive from the government and, guess what? They can sell these energy credits on the open market to other companies – some of which call themselves “green hosts” though these hosting services are sucking up as much juice as ever.

Yeah, they’re technically green but in practice, they’re still contributing to the pollution that affects us all. So, what is a true “green host?” Well, it begins with the core values of the company.

Green corporate culture

Good corporate citizenship is an important part of any company brand. That’s why big companies associate themselves with charities, fund raising, scholarships and other benefits delivered to their communities or service areas. This is a good thing. The people benefit from donations of cash or blood (corporate blood banks have grown in popularity) and the companies that sponsor these community-centered events develop good will.

That’s a good thing. But many companies are expanding their efforts at good corporate citizenship by going green – using less energy and shrinking their carbon footprint.

The growth of green web hosting

Green web hosting has grown into a feasible option for webmasters looking for a web host. Gone are the days that green is considered just for hippies. Indeed, green web hosting is now mainstream in the Internet community and many consumers have evolved to the point that they expect webmasters to choose a “green” web host to demonstrate corporate responsibility. Green web hosting services are extremely popular among web site and business owners who want to help the environment by choosing a hosting provider that emits less carbon.

The servers which are “green” are small in size but they offer excellent bandwidth and memory. They have excellent units for supplying power and also excellent cooling mechanisms. This is possible because they use solar and wind power for these purposes which are unlimited and incur extremely low costs. Since they use these alternative ways of energy, therefore they emit much less carbon dioxide into the air. The traditional servers in comparison emit too much carbon dioxide in the air and are also too costly to maintain, since they consume a huge amount of energy.

Why choose green hosting?

  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Demonstrate your company’s responsibility by choosing a green hosting provider.
  • Build client loyalty.

So is your green host REALLY green?

It may say it’s green. It may even brag about its use of solar or wind generated power. But if that company doesn’t employ “cradle-to-grave” green practices, your host isn’t as green as you’re being led to believe.

A truly green host buys energy efficient servers. It runs those servers with carbon neutral energy sources. It uses cold water that’s constantly cooled and recycled to keep the temperature of those servers in the acceptable range.

When parts wear out and are replaced, the old parts are recycled for use again and again instead of leaching toxins into our water supply in five or 10 years. It all begins with a green corporate mind set. It starts at the top with a commitment by web host managers to improve the planet’s health.

How to find a green web host?

So ask you host a host of questions: do you employ Energy Star equipment? Do you use power from carbon-neutral sources? How is the office powered? How are the servers cooled? How is old, outdated equipment disposed of?

If you don’t like the answers you get, you won’t like working with that web host. Further, a truly green hosting service wants YOUR site visitors to recognize your commitment to a cleaner planet today and in the future so most offer an emblem you can display on your web site – an emblem that proudly proclaims that your site is hosted by a green corporate culture….

…a corporate culture that becomes YOUR corporate culture. So go green and tell prospects all about yourself.

It’s the future of web hosting today. It’s the future of our planet. Today.