Why should I choose a green hosting provider instead of traditional web hosting?

What is green web hosting

Green web hosting is the movement that is bringing common sense back to the web hosting industry.

Why choose green web hosting?

Why choose green web hosting? For starters, by “going green” you are protecting the environment. And by going green, a business can demonstrate corporate responsibility.  One thing is clear; the trend toward green technology is not fading.

Show The World You Care – About The World

Reduce your carbon footprint

Demonstrate your responsibility and concern for a cleaner environment.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing green web hosting.
  • The highest standards in the hosting industry; a cleaner environment in the process

Economical, clean energy

Energy increase at traditional data centers

Green Host It employs high-efficiency cooling power technologies designed to deliver reliability while shrinking our carbon footprint.

  • Our servers are cooled using a proprietary Chilled Water Energy system as we generate 11 mega-watts of juice, enabling us to produce twice the power at half the load used by traditional web hosting services. Cool. Green. Responsible and reliable as the rise and fall of the day’s sun.
  • Water is the most common renewable source of energy in the United States today.
  • Cleaner than traditional web hosts
  • Clean economic power solutions by focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy
    • economic
    • efficient
    • reliable
    • accountable
    • sustainable

Energy use and carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide

  • 20% of the carbon dioxide produced in the United States is generated by the nation’s transportation segment.
  • 40% of the carbon dioxide produced in the United States is generated by the electricity utilized.
    • Data center energy consumption has doubled Since 2000.
    • Traditional web hosting providers require a great deal of energy to power web servers and other network equipment.
    • Environmental and cooling controls, fire-suppression systems, electronic security mechanisms and Internet connections all require the use of energy.

Renewable Energy Credits

Carbon credits

  • We offset the energy that we use by investing in Texas wind power through Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).